Anyone trade Amex stocks?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gordo, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. gordo


    Was doing a scan for some stocks this morning, and noticed that alot of them trade on the ASE. I tend to watch listed issues, and have not looked much at those on the AMEX. Any thoughts are welcome.



  2. i tried many times, ended up getting raped all the time, especially in thinner issues. Only looking at them now if there is a major mover
  3. gordo


    Thanks Copericus, that's kinda what I was wondering. Have not watched them much, and figured there was a reason.

  4. alanm


    Only when dragged kicking and screaming into them. Vote with your feet! End Amex in our lifetime!
  5. ===========
    Actually think the newly annointed CEO may fix it someday since he admitted the problem.

    And until he has proven that its fixed;
    simply see to many orderly movers/good gainers on NYSE, some NasdaQQQ , to change to Amex
    Thinner stocks, like many AMEX can be manipuleted more easily;
    & that can be good for some, dont car for it much myself:cool: