Anyone tracking these?

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    Went all in with remaining cash today near the lows on a diversified lot of high growth/value stocks.


    Been raking in money trading these the last few weeks:

    Got pounded on these:
    HSOA (this is near 52 week lows with high growth)

    Curious what everyone else is trading.
  2. something fishy going on with TASR.

    Wish I held it a few months ago, but I got stopped out during a minor dip, then it proceeded to almost double.

    Now, I wouldnt' hold TASR overnight as its heavily manipulated, but its a great stock to daytrade.

    I can't back up my manipulation vibe, but I know many on this forum say the same thing as well.

    As for the others, I'm not familiar with them.
  3. Waiting for X to drop a bit more before going long.

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    Yah... Tasr was iffy... reason I did it was because the earnings release is Monday at 7am... so it's a diceroll.

    I'm expecting great earnings, because there's been no drop ahead of time, and like most rigged earnings, SOMEONE would have been dumping beforehand if it was bad news. It rose, and even gapped up til today. These are all low volume stocks, it doesn't take a lot to move them.

    I figured a few months ago, with the flight to quality over the uncertain economy, the way to go was to start digging for the next walmart/hd/goog/msft in the up and coming.

    Low volume is a 2 edged sword, it takes very little to move the stock in either direction. But for shorts, if it's a very fast growing stock, people are going to find it and they can get hurt real badly playing in front of the on-coming positive earnings train, and I don't have to trade, I can wait out any dips.

    Anyway, I don't know how anyone can stand 2% gains for 20% risk. I prefer 2% risk for 20% gains. We'll see if I'm wrong on tasr Monday morning.

    As for the rest, maybe do some research, they are all interesting.
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    Oww. X just bought a company and is now bidding on another one... I don't think taking on debt when they had a -8% 1st quarter makes it a very good buy. On top of that, they said their 2nd quarter would be below analysts expectations already... so um, what price are you waiting for it to drop to? $70?

    Steel is hot, but X is not... or at least the worst of the steel choices. What do you see in this?
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    Not many comments. So here's what happened as of this morning to these stocks.

    I posted what I bought Friday...
    TASR opened over $2 up (over 10% gain for holding over weekend),
    AP $2 up (5% gain for holding over weekend),
    NGA down $.25 (2% down)

    CALM popped $1.50 (5% up),
    CRNT up $.50 atm (keeping this one for a while, but that's 3%),
    TCMRF flat (am already up 40% on this one for holding 2 weeks)
    SNHY down $.50
    STLD down $1.60
    SPAR down $.44 (pounding continues)
    HSOA flat

    I don't play these in 1 account, I have them spread over 4 different brokerage accounts. I allocate a % of each account for 'play money' and have the rest of the money in dividend stocks.

    These little momentum plays can be insanely profitable if you pick the right stocks, but they are probably not all long term bets and you really have to watch earnings and fundamentals.

    Still no comments?
  7. What do you want ? A pat on the back ?

    Futures were way up this morning, which is the reason why most stocks are up.
  8. Scalp.