Anyone tied to a Bloomberg terminal lease they no longer want?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sofloridatrader, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. Are you tied to your Bloomberg contract, no longer have use for it, and want out. If your lease is up in less than one year, I'm willing to take it over. Please contact me.
  2. gertsman


    I recently took over someone's lease and I had to committ to a new 2 year deal.

  3. Bloomberg didn't just let you take over the lease? Did you try to sublease?
  4. whats the going monthly rate now to lease a terminal from bloomberg??
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  6. speedy


    for the first terminal, its $1640 plus exchange and new feeds. for additional terminals per location, i believe its $1350.
  7. If you know of anyone that is stuck with a Bloomberg lease they no longer want because either he quit trading or feels it's not worth the $, please have him contact me. I'm not looking to enter a two year deal with bloomberg directly and want to avoid that long term commitment.