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    I was going to respond to a thread on this subject a week or two ago but I didn’t. It’s late so I’ll be brief and leave out some details:

    As a Texas farm & ranch owner I have seen:

    - Fire ants decimate our Dove/Quail and ground rodent populations with a huge negative impact on the food chain, including coyote, deer, fox, bobcat, etc. lasting over 8 years.

    - Fire ant population has now decreased, w/o human intervention, to the point were Dove/Quail and ground rodent populations have exploded and so has the food chain.

    Note at the time we recognized individual species disappearing, such as rabbit and Quail but didn’t realize something as little as a fire ant was the ultimate cause until later.

    Over the next few years something else will happen, such as too much or too little rain, too hot or too cold, too humid or too dry. Some species will come and some will go. The cycle of life is very complex and really totally out of our control at the macro level.
  3. Last I heard it was as a result of cell phone towers (seriously)
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    Another underhanded plot by Bin Laden, of course.

    If the honeybees vanish the terrorists have won.

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    being a glutton who appreciates a good meal

    I am very worried.....:D