Anyone think if we sell off hard today 11-7-07

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  1. I wonder if the pussy bulls will start any rumors lets just wait and see.

    ES down 22.25 as I type its 6:10 cst.
  2. Here's my guess. I'm WAY MORE short than you are. Will you PLEASE not freakin jinx every down move!!! ES is ALREADY upticking since your post.
  3. Sanity


    i thought you were a bull, no?? you're the one who said keep buying, no stops...
  4. Me?? I haven't been long an index future since summer of 2006.
  5. I need a lot of blood. I don't need support at 1500 today or 13,500

    GM, C, dollar is already played out.

    I don't need to hear emergency cuts or rumors of one.

    How about a rate hike? :D
  6. Was ES manipulated overnight again as we gap down? Or is it only manipulation when we gap up? Please advise. Thank you.
  7. I know it is close to end of the year and we all want to book a good one now.

    Let's be patient and wait for the test of the overnight low :)
  8. You are working already on it, Chan ! =>

    Due to the weakness in US dollar, we have to adjust pricing on our products.

    All new prices will become effective as of November 1, 2007.:p
  9. hear hear. i agree. fucking eternal optisimists posting bullshit bullish comments.
  10. A trader after my own heart. Pabst, get your lucky ballcap, half fold it and where like a sharks fin. Leave it like this for the entire session. Here's another sure fire tip, if you are using a trading laptop, turn it upside and fold it like a pup tent. Put the sound on mute on your CBS TV channel(for longs you would have it on NBC). Watch the market action using a 2 hour chart with jap candlesticks. Oh yea, since the laptop is in puptent mode you be viewing the action upside down.

    Rennick out:cool:
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