Anyone tell me what this is all about?

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  1. Hi,

    I read this......hmm seems to good to be true. What are they gaining from this?


    Pro Trading UK are looking to train traders of all experiences to trade the firms capital in the FOREX & Futures markets.

    Pro Trading UK are looking to increase their Elite Trading Team in 2009. Since 2002 we have trained and backed over 300 traders to trade the firms capital from around the world.

    Every trader that is accepted on to the Elite Trading Team will recieve in depth coaching from day one, mentored by pro trader Richard Regan. Traders will have a 2 week intensive training course before trading live accounts in week 3.

    Traders will then trade a Pro Trading sub account and have their individual logins to the Virtual trading Room. Everyday a professional trader will host the VTR for advice and guidance and you will trade your sub account backed by Pro Trading UK's capital.

    All training and trading is done remotly from your own home/ office and hours of work can be dictated by your self.

    Trading targets will be set and further training with Richard, and the team of pro's, in Chicago may be scheduled for those traders who show good potential. If year 1 targets are achieved you will be offered a contract to trade the firm's capital for LIFE!

    Location: Applicants accepted worldwide
  2. I didn't look at the company's website but be careful of having to pay anywhere from $1000 to $5000, UPFRONT, for your "training". :cool:
  3. yeah that's what it have to pay for a course....Thought there was a catch
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    Nice job spotting the classic "to good to be true" red flag. Suckers are born every minute. Don't fall for the bull.
  5. If you are going to pay, go to Futex, I think they are still in Woking,Surrey. Alternatively hop accross to T2W boards they have a great forum for London based screen jockeys.
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    Im trading with these guys.

    Yes you have to pay to get involved but where don't you these?

    Worth every penny for me, would of burnt a lot more on my own!!