Anyone tear a rotator cuff?

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    About 3 weeks ago I was benching and had a felt/heard a grinding in my shoulder, and a pretty good surge of pain. I had a limited range of motion without pain, but I could move it, just varying degrees of pain. Reading up on rotator cuff tears, it ticked all the boxes. I put off calling a doctor to this point as I hate going to the doc. Yesterday I stretched while I was working and felt and heard a pop in my shoulder. The pain is gone throughout the range of motion, and other than a dull ache which is less today and it feels pretty good. Is it possible it was dislocated as opposed to a tear? I know I probably need to actually ask a doctor, but figured I'd see if anyone here had any thoughts.
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    That depends. Can you do this? :)

    Seriously though, might want to get an x-ray to verify. That could mean the difference between some pain meds, and surgery.
  3. Maybe a labrum tear
  4. I agree, probably a labrum tear which will take a couple of months before you will be able to pushups again. It’s kinda like pulling a hamstring. You will not trust going all out for a long time.

    I went to a sports orthopedic doctor who performed surgery on hall of fame athlete’s and he recommended that I not do the surgery to repair it. He said that if your not a professional athlete, then let it heal and know your limitations. He was right! 3 years later and I can do most of what I could do before tearing my labrum. But then again I’m in my fifties.
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    While doing dips with extra weight on my back, I started having pain like that. I never saw a doctor for it, and the injury completely healed -- after about 3.5 years. I don't do dips anymore though.
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    I'm not sure, but I'm guessing a trip to the doc is in order. It feels almost completely normal, but I do have a clicking or popping at certain points of motion. My oldest who is a surgical nurse told me about the same as the people here, with an added go to the doctor in terms that if he were younger would have won him a grounding at least.
    Like a moron(my natural state of being) I continued to work out, but dropped benching. Pushups kind of hurt, but I kept them in the rotation.
    Thanks for the input.
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    Spooz Top 2

    I tore my RC on the Hammer /Bell game on the boardwalk.... suffered for about year & half where i could barely put on a shirt... every Dr. was the same.. Surgery.
    As a last resort, the best kept secret in Western medicine is acupuncture & cupping... went to a Korean Dr here in NYC area, I found Korean style to be the most aggressive form of acupuncture... after 2 visits I felt better .. after 5/ 6 visits, I had full range of motion again.. I kid you not!
    Eastern medicine/ Acupuncture promotes the bodies ability to heal itself... Dr`s in the states think they are healers vs treaters.... They are after the almighty buck & their solution is to cut you... Contact your local acupuncturist that does cupping as well.. be sure to ask.. You`ll be amazed at the results! Good Luck
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    Had a physical today and the doc said she thinks it was slightly dislocated, I forget the term she used, but to take it easy on it for awhile.
    Unfortunately I do have an inguinal hernia. This getting old stuff is really starting to suck!
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    If you get surgery for the hernia, I recommend minimally invasive surgery because it has a shorter recovery time over conventional surgery and can be done as an outpatient (no overnight stay in a hospital). It worked for me when I was 49.
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    That is what I am hoping for when I go in for the consult. My son who works with the doctor I am seeing says that they normally go with the robot which is the minimally invasive option. He also chewed me a new one when he stopped by and caught me working out last night.
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