Anyone tasted cat?

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  1. Is it gamey or taste like mutton?

    Anyone from China or Korea to fill me in on the details, how is it? and is the beef tender?
  2. i been eating pussy since i was 11

    taste great you should try it :D
  3. :p

    I was hoping one of our oriental bretheren could fill me in on the details of this cat meat they seem to enjoy so much but never speak of to the "outsiders"

    I mean look at this, you can probably roast it on a rotating stick over a rotisserie like a pig. That is a big ass cat.

  4. with a name like "kingofshorts" sounds like a tubesteak jockey :D
  5. sorry, but cat and dog are off limits.

    the orientals like a lot of very strange stuff. doesn't mean its not perverse.


    Im here for the Cat Sushi
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    yes, it tastes like chicken
  7. I actually thought the whole cat/dog thing was a Stereo type until i dated a Phillipino chick, she confirmed that when she lived in the phillipines as a little girl, that people would eat cat/dog and that your dog/cat would go missing and the neighbours would be having a barbeque, and it was easy to put 2 and 2 together. To be quite honest when i talked to her parents i couldnt even argue with their logic, they lived in the phillipines their whole life, and had times where they were dirt poor, and they basically said to me, an animal is an animal, if you are hungry, you have a source of food which is edible why wouldnt you eat it. I had a tough time arguing with that logic, though i would never be able to do it myself. The thing i never understood is why our culture is so against eating certain animals and not others, what makes 1 animal any more or less worthy of eating than another, rabbits are cute, as are ducks, and they taste damn good too.

    That being said I went to this one real authentic Asian restaraunt where the owners did not even speak english and the menu was in cantonese, with a buddy who was chinese, i am pretty sure i ate cat, or dog, It was some form of meat which tasted nothing like anything i had ever tasted in my life, different flavour and texture, so i either ate bad meat or cat/dog., the only reason i finished it was because my buddy hyped this restaraunt up and i did not want to be rude.

  8. You probably ate rat if it had a foul taste.

    I suspect cat probably tastes like mutton. Hey if you are hungry and need to eat and you see this thing crossing the road, how can you blame them. Maybe later today the orientals will chime in with an honest answer to what cat tastes like.


  9. Is that photoshop??!?! That thing looks like a horse.

    You know what is funny, i actually bought a coulpe of "Ginger Beef" low cal Microwave dinners from safeway, for when i am too busy to cook, and the meat had almost the same texture and taste, the way they cut it looked almost like a small thin slice of roast beef in both instances but it tasted like something i had never eaten before, and it was definately the meat in both cases not the flavouring cause it was 2 totally different flavours. I took 1 bite of this supposed "microwave ginger beef" and threw out 4 packs of it. I knew it would taste like shit but i didnt expect it to be that bad....

    Is Cat/Dog/Rat dark or light meat?? This shit in both cases was dark meat..... Anyone feel like microwaving their family pet to figure this out for me?

  10. I have you beat. For as long as I can remember, I've spent most my time thinking of ways to get those panties out of the way. :D
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