anyone taken trendtradingcoaching course?

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  1. has anyone taken any online courses or seminars (like trading the pristine method or trendtradingcoaching)? Any mentoring programs? Any good ones to recommend or bad ones to stay away from?

    I almost signed up for this trendtradingcoaching course. It would have cost $6500 but they said they guarentee you will double that. They have a performance guarentee, but of course with no time limit. But they say failure is not an option with them. They said they will continue to teach me until I get it. They stress application and not theory. You have a professional mentor that goes over your trades with you before you make them. Has anyone taken this course or know about anyone who has taken this course?

    I backed out and didn't sign up, but I am curious about actual students results. Can anyone recommend any program they have taken that was actually worth it. Many of these courses cost around $5000. That just seems huge!!

    I am looking for books or systems that emphasize application and not theory. Any suggestions would help
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    I signed up with them but the course was so bad I went bankrupt. The fact they stole my credit card details and spent it all at an online pharmacy didn't help. :mad:
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    The web site looks like it is nothing but a BASIC education that you can find all for free on the internet and perhaps a few $50 books.

    I value it at $399 max.
  4. They have a rep for ripping people off stay very clear of these rascals unless you want to get fleeced.
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    For a trend trading education buy appropriate backtesting software (Trading Blox or Mechanica) subscribe to EOD data (CSI data) and buy a few simple books (Technical Traders Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Markets by Charles Lebeau and David W. Lucas ; Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders by Curtis Faith)

    If you follow my advice your will save yourself money and gain a genuine education. Most sellers of courses are at best useless and at worst frauds (especially at those sort of prices).

    Do not be a mug. Do not rely on "courses"