Anyone taken any of those classes OEC sends emails for?

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  1. Every so often I get an email from OEC wanting me to stake some trading class.

    I just got one today that is "Presented by Trade With Precision" and says this:

    I figure it's just hype and they're not actually teaching a profitable method, but it says it's an "advanced" class.

    "Creating an edge" is probably hypothetical.

    "Trend analysis" is probably subjective.

    "Moving averages" and "candlesticks" in an "advanced" course?

    I searched for "Tradewithprecision" and "" and there were no results.

    Are they legit? OEC is pretty cool. It'd be sad if they started promoting another scammy "learn to trade" company that doesn't actually teach a profitable method.

    Their website mentions the "use of... Fibonacci as LEADING indicators" (their capitalization, not mine). After I stopped laughing, I assumed they're no different from any other "learn to trade" company.
  2. THIS is easily worth $1,000 to $2,500 to almost priceless....

    What achieving success in trading means (MAKING MONEY...YEAH)
    • Managing risk and creating an edge (SMALL STOPS, BIG PROFIT TARGETS....YEA)
    • Technical analysis ingredients:
    o Trend analysis (LOOK, SEE DOW UP 4,000 POINTS. TREND UP...BUY 4,000 POINTS AGO)
    o Multiple time frames (LOOK, HERE IS 1 MINUTE AND 5 MINUTE CHART......YEA)
    o Moving averages (WHEN PRICES GO UP, THESE LINES GO UP....YEA)
    • The Precision Expansion strategy
    • The Precision Lifestyle Trade strategy
    • Live, practical trade examples
    • Live platform demonstration

    there is nothing new in the game of online gurus......or educational clowns......nothing new in decades.

    same old stuff......

    we just sold 10 spots for $1,999 each for our newest class:

    "always trade with the trend'

    'how to outsmart the computers with moving averages!!!!'

    'how to destroy the HFT's with seeing support on a chart'

  3. There a very good expression that summarizes this very well
    "Those who know do, those who don't teach"

    I have no idea how these people sleep at night
  4. This is one of the DUMBEST quotes EVER....

    what about people who teach KIDS. or children/adults with disabilities.

    or people with PhD's who teach people how to become brain surgeons....etc....

    or coaches who are teachers.....

    or even history teachers.......

    so you are a history teacher because you can't "do" history. LOL

    here is a better quote,

    "If you suck at trading, broke, lazy, self-absorbed, like to hear yourself say stupid stuff, like to talk to complete morons all day, and you know people hate you so much you are forced to work alone...........then become an online guru"
  5. RXIS


    OEC has been getting worse since being bought out by GAIN. Lately, I've received a lot more of these emails as well.