Anyone subscribe to IBD?

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  1. Does it work for you?


  2. I trade stocks and use it for getting a feel for what's going on in the business markets overall. Alot better than having to go visit websites and dig up stories.
  3. Not exactly sure what you mean by does it work for you. If you are going to try and implement his system of buying stocks you need to read his books and put in time studying. It isn't a simple follow the arrow system by any means. The paper itself I like and it has information I use. At the same time I called to see if they would cut the rate and they offered a small discount and I said I needed more than that or I go to the library. They didn't budge and now I spend a small amount of time at the library readin and researching.
  4. Thanks for all the info.

    I did buy his book and found his method has some merit. I am wondering whether anyone has used his method and what the results are.
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    Free T Will-e;
    Yes, yes, better than average;
    but frankly a study of his Stock Buy Book and Stock Sell Book would be much more helpful. Even if you had a stock buy bias or stock sell bias or no directioinal bias- study both books.

    Both books are a better buy than his paper;
    all 3 are helpful. I liked his 24 E...Lessons title book also

    murray TT
    PS While I have looked at a huge bunch of data on SPY,; free stock quote/chart is an excellant 6 month summary.
  6. Buy the newspaper for its news and editorials, which are very good. It's my favorite paper.

    If the cost of a newspaper subscription is material to you, you shouldn't be speculating in the financial markets.

    CANSLIM is ambiguously defined anway, so you'll need to do your own research -- unless you just buy IBD's current list.

    As to recent performance, take a look at which was mentioned in another thread.