Anyone still using Stratasearch for backtesting/strategy development?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by SteveM, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. SteveM


    About six months ago, Stratasearch's developers decided to abandon the platform and are no longer providing updates/further improvements.

    The platform still works perfectly fine, but I'm a bit concerned that over time there will obviously be fewer and fewer people using it for their strategy development/backtesting needs, and therefore will be harder to find other users to bounce ideas/issues off of.

    Just curious if there is anyone here on ET that is currently using Statasearch? I'd like to connect with others to share ideas, and think it would be good to have some other brains around in case software bugs come up, or any other issues with the platform arise.

    If anyone is using Stratasearch, and would like to connect with other users to collaborate and possibly develop strategies together, feel free to respond to this thread, or just shoot me a message.

    Edit: Also, if anyone used Stratasearch in the past but moved onto a platform with similar capabilities that you would recommend, feel free to mention those programs as well. Thanks.
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  2. RedDuke


    Take a look at NinjaTrader. Fantastic in all respects for backtesting, optimization and live trading. Great support. Also free until you need to trade live.
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  3. MattZ

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    I would recommend using Multicharts if you are looking to automate your trade entries. It was one of the most stable platforms that we ran automation on. They have a lifetime license, and periodically run specials. so we can always ask for a discount if necessary.
  4. MotiveWave

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    Take a look at MotiveWave. Full backtesting, optimization, walk forward testing, replay mode. Supports 30+ brokers and data service providers. Leases and Lifetime licenses. Very stable. We also have a Java SDK for custom study and strategy development. We're running a Summer Sale right now with 20% off.