Anyone still trade afternoons?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by listedguru, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Just wondering if anyone here still trades afternoons? All my plays are normally done by 11:30 (EST) unless I have a nice winner that I'm still holding. I vary rarely initiate any plays after 12:00 (Noon)....

    Just wondering if others are doing the same? I am talking about daytrading stocks. I think that this daytrading thing is pretty much a part time job now....

  2. listedguru: good thread!

    I trade afternoons (Tokyo session) starting at 4PM PST (Australian session actually starts aroud 2PM).

    Not sure if you count forex as daytrading but I and others certainly daytrade / scalp the currencies market.

    In fact, after Tokyo comes the UK session (12AM PST) that takes me up to the NY session that kicks in around 5AM PST and goes through around 11AM PST though I have most my trading done by 9AM PST.


  3. BSAM


    Guru......I just gotta respectfully disagree. Just one quick example: AMZN 1345 to 1515 today. Guess it depends a lot on what market one is looking at. Stress from trying to watch too long during the day may be a contributing factor also.
  4. Trade afternoons all the time. Last hour of the day often has great entries in the ES, YM and NQ. Will trade lunch willingly, just fewer opportunities, you gotta be patient.
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    Lately I make about 75% of my money in the first 1.5 hrs. I still trade all day but the afternoons are slow (trading nyse only).
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    I usually trade from 8:00-10:30 and from 2:45-5:00. it is very important for me to just be able to walk away for a few hours around mid-day. Recently trading from 3:00-4:00 has been great!
  7. Hello Folks:
    If you are trading equities, you can trade the last hour and a half profitably by finding a way to obtain the imbalance numbers. They represent the clean up of existing blocks and interest and are often the reason that the last hour sees moves on low volume. The is particularly true of Friday's.

    I trade futures, and I always look for a last hour trade. In general I look for re-emergence of the morning trend or (again) I am looking for clean up of block orders (with the resulting futures hedging that continues for 15 minutes after the NYSE closes). If you know what to look for you can sometimes make a dollar.

    Good luck, Steve46