Anyone still successfully trading NYSE Opening Orders?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 777, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Is anyone successfully trading NYSE Opening Orders?

    Getting in with the specialist on the opening print and trading from there was all the rage many years ago. Lessor was successful doing this but I notice he has not posted results, or posted much at all, for years.
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  3. "Back in the day" late 90's out of a Bright Trading office here in South Florida. Since moved on to futures. Wonder though how much is possible these days with so much of trading done electronically off exchange/dark pools/etc?
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    I believe Dennis Dick still does, I recall him talking about it 1 year ago or so. He talks trading everyday in the Benzinga premarket prep show but usually I dont have time to watch
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    Same here... Don Bright came to the Cheery Hill NJ, office back in 2001.. Watch him trade opening orders for two mornings.

    He used a calculation off the fair-value.. A computer program placed orders just before the open.. Maybe 100-300 orders.. He got filled on 12-18 stocks.. He manually dumped the losing positions and traded the remaining..

    Nice guy, wanted people to win.

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    Hello SunTrader

    Not many of us remaining from back-in-the-day:) NYSE in 1/8ths and then 16'ths was a whole lot easier than these futures jumping all over the place.
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    forget it...i have been trading (automated on a market neutral basis) morning auction orders...moore than 80 orders per day....i made it work very well up to last 2-3 years...the issue is difficulty of execution even if you wait the last half second to send your orders, there is now hfts, which front run you of one tick even if you are very agressive. and as they are faster, you miss your best open orders! i mean you miss the best 3-4 stocks in your basket which will make the pnl of the day....

    but its still profitable on back test...
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  8. Do specialists still exist?
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  9. :cool::cool:
    Sure sometimes; but the way i like to move, its not really best to take the opening print, 15 minute delays or hours delay=less commissions. Besides, Bright Daytrading
    was a company........:cool::cool::cool:,:cool::cool::cool::cool:
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