Anyone started going long gold / short dollar yet?? :D

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spanish89, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. ALoha i came across an article that i thought many of you on here may like,
    and even though and most others on here focus on 'price action trading', not just pure ''logic and fundamentals'' trading... ;)

    I was just curious how much longer you are all going to wait before going long on gold and short dollar for longterm trades??

    After all the twats and fools over in usa have just lost $2,863,800,000,000s !!!!!! :D :p :cool:

    But have held the economy together by just turning the usa into a giant charity country now,
    where money really is just paper, and the government just turned the printing press to max 1day a few months ago, and have now just been giving out this money as charity to everyone so they dont all starve to death!! LOL