Anyone short AXR?..looks like a great short

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by traderich, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. AXR took off like a rocketship recently but it sure looks like it hit the top and is headed lower...and lower still?

    The stock is very highly priced and has a massive short interest.

    What do you think?
  2. Why would you want to short a short squeeze?
  3. i would have a tight stop on that one. looked at it myself few times, would have gotten carried out every time.

    they own a huge piece of land in one of the hottest areas for retirees in NM, value perception of that land cant go up forever :)
  4. blast19


    sketchy. looks like a good idea...but there is so much short interest open. better factor in a lot more than the recent trend. institutions could be buying the shares and tightening the float. type of thing that starts a short squeeze. be cautious.
  5. why would being one of the last people to short a stock at its 'almost' highest point be a bad thing?

    I had shorted ATW as well a few months ago right before and right after it split the stock. I am happy I did and stuck to my guns! I knew it was overpriced and due to correct.

    I think this stock is very highly priced and not due to value but manipulation.

    Note that the insiders hold a ton of the stock. Also note that the insiders are selling off too at this unbelievable new highs!
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    TERRIBLE short setup. that looks like a long to me.

    1. price increasing on increasing volume
    2. slight pullback to medium term support on loxer lvolume.

    there is NOTHING short about that.
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    now looking at fundies it is in really great shape as well.

    this is the type of stock that major instituions look to buy...and thus drive the price up.

    the only reason the price on this stock would drop over time would be if the market as a whole had a correction and dragged this down with it.
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  9. AXR dropped $10 today and closed at its low.

    This to me shows that the shorts are finally beginning to win the battle.

    If you all think there are better short candidates than this one, I'd love to see em!

    let me guess...GOOG right?
  10. blast19


    LOL....I prefer BIDU actually...looking weak isn't holding an impact on it anymore...turning mushy.

    Anyway, I just think that some of these plays are they type that institutions think will never lose might have found a good candidate.

    I prefer to go long Puts on stocks that might rock back but that I'm strongly thinking will nosedive. You can't on this stock though...otherwise I'd look deeper.
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