anyone set up a FX fund?

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  1. Anyone do this or consider doing this?
  2. no-one?
  3. henry76


    i've looked into it a little , i think fx funds are easiest funds to start especially in states ?
  4. Why would you need OPM at 400/1 leverage?

    then get paid only 10 or 20% of your profits--IF you can find unlucky souls to be your "investors" as you guess direction of the euro...

    really makes no sense at all.

    If you actually do have an edge in this market, a way to beat the bucket shops and flow, perhaps we can help:

    Good LucK!
  7. I take it you have no edge.

  8. Been there done that

    Now here to help. Click on link posted and send email for help setting up your fund. It's a waste of time without an edge in fx however
  9. You guys heard of "Jacko" from dayly fx (2004-2005) and later on "jacko's house of pleasure and pain" on forexfactory? He has been runing a private blog for a year and now started a private fund that guarantees your investment aagains loss of principal capital..

    His trading style is very simple and straightforward! I highly recommend you read his posts!

  10. Send me info on that fund! I'll give him millions, if he is backign it up with collateral and has an actual edge.

    I'll be waiting for the details!
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