Anyone selling premium only

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  1. thank you you are right i SHOULD BE CLEAR

    Is there is no specific level of OTM ITM that makes sense over and over its market Vol. or direction specific ?
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  2. good insight- thnx, will take all that you can throw my way!

    Do simply look at VIX or prefer ATM staddle and maybe blend a couple just OTM call/puts to get IV .......

    and historical is a given I think .... you can chart that I recall
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  3. have you looked at put masters threads/posts?
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  4. thanks. I will
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  5. since there have been so many threads about this over the last month I'm pretty sure vol is bound to pick up.
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  6. I dont know, you know markets, cant ever be sure, it could go on another 5 years, I think the markets are going to higher for a long while, its just a function of the worthless dollar because of all the printing, not because the econ. or anything is all that great.... sort of a weird bull market I guess....
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  7. read McMillan's book, if you haven't already

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  8. Daring


    I only buy cheap premium, naturally that forces me to be right on direction and somewhat (not dramatically) fast on time while having a good target idea, but that's ok that's what price action is for.

    If you know what you are doing, your risk is fixed and limited, and the accuracy does not have to be bad, problem is people don't know what they are doing and that's when they have the need to be creative, to somehow make up for the lack of market structure education.
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  9. meaning you buy option instead o future ? I do that however researching anothe strat., why I started this thread.

    Yes, I think you are refer to buying "vol " ? Do you buy deep OTM or ATM , and both calls or puts pending bias ?
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    Somewhat OTM, not deep, typically 2 to 5 weeks til expiry depending when OEX comes, choosing a strike that will get them ITM, then I dump them.

    Yes, only one or the other (calls or puts).
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