Anyone selling here?

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  1. Just taking the current temperature of the traders. Is anyone really getting short up here? I am for what it's worth. No particular reason, just feels heavy to me and S&P near the upper end of it's trend channel. Although, I've been known to turn tail and change my mind at a moments notice. Just wanted to see if the market was bullish, bearish or mixed? Any comments are welcome. Thanks. Neal.
  2. Without being a smarta** tradeya1 this is a traders forum. Could you please explain your timeframe that you want a forecast or trade bias for?

    Tomorrow will likely see higher highs.

    Michael B.

  3. No specific time frame, if the trade works, I may be in for a few days or weeks if things really develop in my direction. If it doesn't, I may be out of it before night's end. I think you answered my question, you think the market's going to make higher highs tomorrow, I count that as one in the bullish camp.
  4. Incidentally, my sales were at 1076.80, 1076.70, 1076.60 and 1076.50 in the big S&P. I won't let it go more than 4-5 points against me. If it's trading above 1081, you can assume that I am out or getting out. Best.
  5. Is it actually considered investing when you play from the short side? Interesting question. I'm a hybrid, if the trade works, I become an investor in it, if not, I'm a trader (out in a blink).
  6. Excuse me sir...I regretted my post and deleted it.

    Michael B.

  7. no reason to guess. WHy short when everything is still pointing up. I have said this before, don't short just because of 10,000! People back in the late 90's who bought just because of 10,000 got burned
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    Just sold enough YM to cover stock sales which have to wait till after 12/31. Shorted this AM at 10150. Don't want to be liquidating into a declining market if it happens.
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    Everybody and their dog sees a correction coming here. What does that tell ya?
  10. Take the dog out.......

    Michael b.

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