Anyone seen Tradevec?

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    Anyone else here has experience with Tradevec? They dont have forum or user group and no way to contact other users.

    I managed to get beta from them and have been using it now for a couple months and its shockingly good.

    I heard Mark Brown was using this platform too, is this true? :cool:
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  3. I never thought about it, but there is no way to interact with other users. I think they are to new to have a forum etc. yet.

    As far as it being good software, like most software it's only as good as the user. But I will say for me it's the only software that I know which will most likely take many users from TradeStation.

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    The charting is far better than Tradestation in my opinion which for me up until now was the best charting platform. I am amazed at the detail that went into everything on this platform.

    Also their execution is soooo much faster. I run the 3 app side by side and its ahead of Tradestation and Ninjatrader by a few seconds during fast markets and 1 sec on average during normal conditions. I can have 10 charts open and still no delays. Finally someone seems to be doing this the right way!!

    Some minor bugs do come up and so far they have been very responsive and fixed the issues. Still its a new platform so some caution is needed. I am getting more and more comfortable now.

    I am executing my Tradestation strategies using TradeVec > TT Link!!!

    No affiliation etc blah blah.
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    As the lead technical consultant for the development of the platform, I am pleased to hear that you guys like it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Good trading,

  6. "The World" Leading Financial Trading Platform" ???? Pleaaaaaaase! You are not out yet and you claim to be a leading platform? Give me a break! The same shit, different pile! Get some reputation first and then claim the sky!
  7. ans since you showed up a day or two after this new thread and marvelled at this good comments about yourself with 1 post to your name, I can assume that you are probably nidarian...
  8. I haven't really payed around - rather gotten serious about - the order execution part of the program yet. But from what I can tell at least for TT it's pretty intuitive.

    So how does the TradeStation interface thing work? Do you clear the trades thru TS or TT? Also do you use TS or TV when sending the signals?


    PS is this thing going to the public anytime soon.. it has been five years or more I know. Suites me just fine if you didn't.

    oh just read where do you get the tt link is it a dll like the matlab dll?
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    Never heard of Vcap, but i am not him :D He does sound like BS cause I know the developers and never heard of Paul!Ill find our who this is shortly....

    Just to be clear I make living with Tradestation and have been a user since early 90s, and never thought i see the day where any one could compete. I do not like their Tradestation brokerage especially that f**k*** Gain feed for forex so its nice to have an escape for me. Anyways time will tell if TradeVec will evolve and allow me to completely move away from Tradestation.
  10. well i can tell you anyone who daytrades would be shocked at the time lag of ts data compared to anything powered by tt. a fact!

    the cruz bros should be prosecuted for selling delayed data as rt data.

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