Anyone seen the new MS office 2010 -can this be the end of intuit.

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    MSft is now pushing office 2010 and many of the things we did in intuit and other accounting software is now a part of these things. Just my view but I think Msft is going after their share of the pie.

    Any comments just want to see if im on to something. Also is the certified tax preparer legal program going to make INTU software obsolete>

    Any real answers would be appreciated. Could go either way.
  2. bpcnabe


    Microsoft tried to buy Intuit back in the 90's but with the help of DOJ (etc) was shot down in their attempt:

    Next logcal step would be to create their own suite of financial software that incorporates with what you already use seemlessly. MS Money and Accounting are not that bad a product for the user they hope to attract.