Anyone Seen the IBD Congrats to Obama?

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  1. Back on March 4, 2009, right-leaning IBD — among many right-wing organs trying to hang the stock market’s collapse around President Obama’s neck — wrote an editorial titled “Dissing the Market” which was, predictably, critical of some comments Obama had made about the stock market being “sort of like a tracking poll in politics.”

    Obama also said at the time that “…what you’re seeing now is profit and earning ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is potentially a good deal, if you have a long-term perspective on it.”

    Said IBD:

    If the market follows through on its strong action Wednesday, his call — that stocks are a “good deal” — may be one for the record books: He will have nailed the bottom, and we’ll be the first to congratulate — and thank — him.

    Well, we know the market bottomed within one week, has bounced 60+% off the lows, and finished (S&P500) up 23.5% for the year.

    So, not being an IBD reader, I’ll throw this one out to the crowd: Has anyone seen their “congratulations” and “thanks”?

    Anyone? Seriously. Anyone? Bueller?

    (I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that IBD, in the same editorial, wrote that we were in the 17th month of a “savage bear market” with “no end in sight.” It now appears the end was less than a week away but that IBD couldn’t see it due either to ideology or incompetence. That’s the risk you run being an ideologue.)
  2. “There is no cause to worry. The high tide of prosperity will continue”
    - Andrew W. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury. September 1929

    Stock Prices Will Stay at High Level For Years to Come, Says Ohio Economist .
    -Dr. Charles Amos Dice, professor of business organization at Ohio State October 13, 1929

    -Irving Fisher, Yale economist, October 16h, 1929

    “BROKERS IN MEETING PREDICT RECOVERY; Partners in 35 Wire Houses at Conference Agree Selling Has Been Overdone.” October 25, 1929

    NEW AID IS PLEDGED TO BANK COALITION; G.F. Baker Jr. Joins Parley at Morgan Offices and Many Other Offers Are Made. SUPPORT EASES ANXIETY
    -October 26, 1929

    Brokers Believe Worst Is Over and Recommend Buying of Real Bargains
    – New York Herald Tribune, October 27, 1929

    October 29, 1929 – Stock Market Crashes!

    BROKERS BELIEVE BOTTOM IS REACHED; Others Say a Sharp. Recovery Is in Order.
    -October 30, 1929 (Glad they covered both sides of the story!)

    “FISHER SAYS PRICES OF STOCKS ARE LOW; Quotations Have Not Caught Up With Real Values as Yet, He Declares. SEES NO CAUSE FOR SLUMP”
    -October 22, 1929

    “Time to Buy Stocks” John J. Raskob, one of the country’s leading industrial and political leaders
    -October 30, 1929

    -October 30, 1929

    ROCKEFELLER BUYS, ALLAYING ANXIETY; Elder Financier Says Business Status Does Not Warrant the Destruction of Values. October 31, 1929 (Remember Warren Buffet in Sept 2008?)

    Stocks Up in Strong Rally; Rockefellers Big Buyers; Exchanges Close 2-1/2 Days
    – New York Herald Tribune, October 31, 1929
    SEES NEW BULL MARKET.; President of Philadelphia Stock Exchange Makes Predictions.
    -November 22, 1929

    BANKING CIRCLES SEE TURN FOR THE BETTER; Several Developments Cited as Presaging Recovery of the Stock Market. -November 15, 1929

    -November 16, 1929

    Headline: The Quieting-Down of Wall Street–Aspects of Government’s Relief Projects.
    -November 25, 1929

    “The Government’s business is in sound condition.”
    Andrew W. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury
    -December 5, 1929

    Despite the obvious slackening of the pace of business at the close of the year, leaders in banking and industry throughout the country maintain an optimistic attitude toward the prospects for 1930.
    -January 1, 1930

    -February 23, 1930

    “The worst is over without a doubt.”
    James J. Davis, Secretary of Labor.
    - June 1930

    ‘BUSINESS CYCLE’ SEEN AT NEW PHASE; Bankers Hold Downward Trend in Markets Indicates Recovery Is Near. DENY ANALOGY TO 1920-21 Economists Point to Superior Credit Conditions Now, Holding Easy Money Points to Revival.
    -July 6, 1930

    BIG BANKERS PUT UP $100,000 SAFEGUARD; House of Morgan Among Those Required to Provide Protection for Investors. -August 3, 1930
    “We have hit bottom and are on the upswing.”
    James J. Davis, Secretary of Labor.
    -September 12, 1930

    BIG FIRM SUSPENDED; Prince & Whitely, 51-Year-Old House, Is Unable to Meet Its Obligations
    In the midst of the severest market reaction in two months, the New York Stock Exchange announced yesterday that the 51-year-old firm of Prince Whitely, one of the largest and best known houses in Wall Street, had been suspended on its own admission that it was unable to meet its obligations. (Can we say Bear Stears?)
    -October 10, 1930

    -October 25, 1930

    “30% OF STOCKS SELL UNDER BOOK VALUES; Capital Is Above Market Price.”
    -December 14, 1930

    NEW YORK JOINING IN BRITISH CREDIT; Federal Reserve Bank Agrees, if Requested, to Buy Prime Commercial Bills.
    -August 2, 1931

    REDISCOUNT RATE CUT TO 1 % RECORD LOW; Federal Reserve Bank Here Takes Drastic Action
    -May 8, 1931

    Out of the experiences of the depression, resulting in the necessity for organization of the $500,000,000 corporation to relieve banks temporarily in distress, may come a remodeled Federal Reserve System that will be so constituted as to meet the requirements of present-day commerce and industry.
    -October 9, 1931

    BANKERS OF NATION BACK HOOVER PLAN; October 8, 1931 (Paulson Plan 2008)

    HOOVER’S BANK PLAN GETS WIDE SUPPORT; November 15, 1931 (Media Manufacturing Consent)

    $2,000,000,000 POOL FOR BANK AID URGED; October 26, 1931 (Bail Out Bill)

    URGES BUILDERS’ AID IN HOME FINANCING; Bank Official Says Industry Could Help More With Second Mortgages.
    -August 30, 1931

    REAL ESTATE MEN ON THE HOOVER PLAN; Some Skepticism Is Voiced, but the General Belief Is That Good Will Result.
    -October 11, 1931

    -November 29, 1929
    “The depression has ended.” (Finally see the “D” word, but only to refer to it in the past tense…very common)
    Dr. Julius Klein, Assistant Secretary of Commerce.
    - June 9, 1931 (Stock market did bottom one year and 50% later)

    5-YEAR MORATORIUM PROPOSED BY KEYNES; Hoover Plan Is a “Stop-Gap” Device
    -July 1, 1931

    WORLD COOPERATION: A NEW STEP AHEAD; The Hoover Plan Has Focused Attention on the Problem of Economic Unity THE NEW WORLD COOPERATION
    -July 12, 1931
  3. A lack of Right Wing integrity is such a rare find, isn't it? Meanwhile bugscoe is trying to draw attention to the other hand, jiggling some shiny keys.
  4. Interesting choice of words, integrity. Here is a good example:

    January 04, 2010
    Your democracy at work
    Rick Moran

    This exclusive report from Jonathan Chait at the New Republic:

    "Ping pong" is a quaint Capitol Hill term for carrying revisions for a bill back and forth between the House and Senate on an informal basis rather than convening an actual conference committee where the majority and minority managers actually name members to formally negotiate a compromise.

    Of course, this freezes out the Republicans and will allow the browbeating, horse trading, and bribes to go on in private.

    The biggest intervention in history by government into ordinary citizen's lives will ultimately be decided behind closed doors and with no input from a party representing more than half the country.

  5. ============================
    I see your points. And [partial disclosure]someone with a nickname like ''turtle'' may actually like the Chicago joke ''vote early & often'' I enjoy IBD, probably should read it more than i do.

    IBD did carry an JAN editorial with lawyer Phillis Schaflay[spelling?];
    noteing 10 good reasons to vote against the current health care bill . Includes the legal fact its unconstitutional to force a USA citizen to buy it.. ' Bribes '' ,unquote paid to Nebraska......

    My personal opinion/probability[not a prediction] is President Barack will turn out better than Pres Lyndon ''loser'' Johnson;
    the church has prayed much more for President Barack.

    However i do think IBD did a congrats to President Barack;
    concerning his military executions-Iraq, Afghanistan.:cool:

    As far as the bull market in silver & gold ,big bear market in C ,[Chicago exchanges, & most anywhere] 3 month high on USD, dont know if IBD blamed President Bush or President Barack for that?? Many would simply not play a blame game , but simply enjoy the trend.

    As they say in Chicago, vote early & vote often.LOL:D