Anyone see the (Traders under 30" on CNBC

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  1. Hey guys..

    Did anyone catch the "Traders under 30" peice on CNBC?
    What did you think? They were all Junk bond traders...
  2. I thought "bond girl" was hot.
  3. I think the English broad should stop saying "absolutely" all the time. She said it at least 6 times in a 1 minute interview.
  4. HAHAHHAHA, i was just thinking that...I think she started each answer with "absolutely" She was pretty annoying :)
  5. Casey30


    I am sure that with all your "on-TV experience" you would have been so much better then them during a live interview. I am sure they were nervous and everything.
  6. Ebo


    She is HOT and can out-trade 99% of the PIKER's on this board.
  7. Ohh calm down....Did i say they did a bad job? No
  8. You do not even know how she and her firm trades, what if they have access to info that is out of reach to 99% of people in the world.
  9. Ebo


    The article says she is one of the highest volume Schatz traders.
    I would guess she just might be profitable.
    Then again, Trader's Monthly is not exactly The WSJ.

    CNBC was promoting The Magazine!
  10. Weasel


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