anyone see the pattern here?

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  1. Republican president...

    Bad economy.. Market meltdowns... wars.. people out of jobs..

    When will some of you idiots smarten up?

    Why in the name of god would you want to vote for McCain ?

    Its like this...
    I smack you in the face.. and you don't do a thing about it.. you choose to stand in front of me without being able to do anything other than bitch and whine...

    And I smack you in the face again.

    That is the simple way of puting it. (Yea yea .. call me an idiot)

    but think about it .

    Vote Obama!!!!
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    Its as obvious as banks would fail writing loans based on collateral people didn't have so on and so forth, but people just kept on snapping up financials, and saying nothing to worry about.

    But did that obviousness do anything? No, we're at DOW 10,900 about to go to DOW 8500.

    I think Americans just love the pain.

    But then again when you promise tax cuts to everyone, deregulate everything and have loose credit standards so Americans can consume everything under the sun, you get elected, even though your breaking the country and being so fiscally irresponsible, it'll take years to correct.
  3. I can't believe the morons in congress wanted to impeach clinton for getting a blowj .. this monkey has turned world into hell for everyone.. not just Americans..

    yet we don't see any major public outrage.


    If we keep this up.. I can seriously see the fall! Yes it does happen...
    Persian empire.. Rome.. Soviet Union... yet people think there is an invisible shied thats going to protect the US.

    Advice people around you to start using their brains !!.. jessus !
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    dont worry,a hockey mom can fix all these problems...
  5. Were you trading in 2000? Or in 1998 during LTCM? Or during Carter? Or during the summer of 1962 when JFK was President. Or in 1937-1939 under FDR. In fact do you trade now?

    Is there anyone here whose home isn't HIGHER in value today than in 2001?

    P.S. What kind of friggin' fag name is Simon? :p
  6. My have been CONNED by the LEFT/RIGHT paradigm!!! Your party is owned by globalists just as much as the republican party. Globalists distract you with the LEFT - RIGHT game while destroying our constitutional foundations.....when will you ever learn????? :confused:
  7. You're an idiot. When home prices and stocks were EXPLODING higher did you thank Bush? Of course not. Why? Because he had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. So now that prices have made a .3815 retrace you want to BLAME Bush? How about taking responsibility for your OWN actions dude. How about NOT EXPECTING a helping hand from Big Brother. The REST OF THE WORLD IS ALSO IMPLODING. Are traders who are caught long China saying "Ah so. Blame Bush."

    Grow up you stupid fucks.
  8. Is there any good reason a Democratic adminstration would have prevented this mess? I doubt it.
  9. I thought you were pretty smart... until you said "vote Obama".
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    better than hockey mom and geritol...thats fer sure.
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