Anyone See Debate Last Night?

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  1. It was pretty interesting, considering none of the real candidates bothered to show up. I have to wonder why they would want to dis an important primary state like SC. I at least expected Bachmann to be there but no.

    The real shocker was the interview with a focus group afterward. About 80% of them thought the best candidate was...Herman Cain, a no-nonsense black guy who was CEO of Godfather's Pizza. He seemed pretty unimpressive to me, as he didn't seem to have any real ideas other than getting the "experts" together to tell hm what to do. Really?

    Gary Johnson, ex governor of N. mex. was the most interesting. Kind of looks like an in-shape Bill Gates. Apparently he has run 30 marathons and climbed a number of signature mountains, including Everest. Had some good ideas, all grounded in cost-benefit analysis, including drug legalization.

    It was interesting that two out of the five participants favored widespread drug legalization.

    The most mainstream candidates, Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum, were impressive and able to reel off long, detailed answers on numerous subjects.

    Ron Paul made numerous good points, but I think many went over the crowd's head, notwithstanding the enthusiastic cheering he got for every answer.
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    What a joke your line-up is. :D :D

    I can see the 2012 election theme now:

    The Osama Slayer and the <s>10</s> <s>8</s> ?? GOP dwarves.

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    I Obviously i like Ron Paul the best, but Cain, and Johnsn were kind of interesting in my eyes, as a person who is not a social conservative it would be hard for me to get behind Santorum or Pawlenty.

    I thought the question about dropping the social issues was interesting, but im not a social conservative, i think that if republicans want to attract younger voters they have to drop the social issues. Unfortunately though most young people are far to brain washed by the left wing media to vote against Obama, so its hard to say whether or not republicans could even pick up a substantial number of votes there.

  4. Why would Romney and Bachman be there? It was a GOP debate. :D