Anyone see Arch Crawford on CNBC...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TraderD007, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. Just hoping if someone could kindly fill me in on what good ol' Arch said during his CNBC appearance on Thursday (6/19)...

    I forgot to watch :(
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  3. From my fuzzy recollection it went something like this:

    The beginning of the decline in the real estate market was earlier this month. It will be most noticeable near its completion in two years.

    He’s reducing his 200% (margin) long position to 100% long and will go to cash July 7, 2003. Apparently he wants to capture the end / beginning month fund buying as well as the holiday buying.

    July 7th will mark the top of a large wave B and the large wave C will result in a devastating crash (into 2006-2007 ?).

    He recommends selling gold.

    It’s all in the stars. We’ve all been looking at the wrong charts.:eek:
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    A crash in equities and gold? Interesting...
  5. Is that about deflation? I can see both equities and gold go down under that environment.
  6. I'll opine that his opinion, and mine too, are worth exactly what you paid for them.