anyone sead this book? Options futures and other derivatives

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  1. my mistake. never mind
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    it is not his book and it is 2 years old. This book is the main text used by a lot of graduate classes studying derivatives and futures. It is not a practical book a trader picks up unless he wants to learn pricing formulas and the math behind it to devise his own models. However for the grad student it is what is used to teach option pricing, arbitrage, structure and many other areas related to derivatives.

    Do not get this book like it is McMillian's or Natenberg's book on option trading. Only recommended for grad students or those looking for a matthematical or theoretical textbook.

  3. my mistake, never mind.
  4. Hardcover: 816 pages
    Publisher: Prentice Hall; 6 edition (June 10, 2005)

    The Book is TWO years old, you said it was twelve.... better to stop while you are ahead... and trust me, you are a head.
  5. You right and me wrong. I the one need to put me glasses on.
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    The book is very good if you want a better understanding of how futures, options and forwards are priced. It is an entry level book that is used in most undergrad finance courses covering derivatives. Overall the math is not to complex, it is very well written and a reader should be able to grasp the concepts without additional lectures, ect.

    Like another poster said the focus is on the pricing of derivatives, hedging, and basic arbitrage. There is also some details on options strategies and delta hedging that are good also.

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    Also you should find alot of used additions available at used text book stores online. Not much has been added in the last few additions.
  8. I don't know about now but a few years ago this book represented the minimum amount that a bank derivatives trader had to know. It is pretty accessible to anyone with a just a little math knowledge. I agree with the person above that not much has been added to the last couple editions so so you could get the 4th edition and do fine.
  9. Are you suggesting that an options trader doesn't need to understand options pricing to become successful long-term? If so I would disagree.
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