Anyone runs trading as a family business

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  1. I mean, with children and relatives heavily involved. If so, is it beneficial to everyone involved given not everyone is cut out to be a trader?

    In any case I will appreciate if you share your experience.
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    Is possible if you have enough money.

    I know family offices with many individuals involved.
    But they are big: hundreds of millions and family members do different things: private equity portfolio, real estate portfolio, foundation management, public equity portfolio, etc
  3. Given the scant replies my question received, the answer seems to be NO.
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    No, not unless you want your kids to know that Dad gambles for a living.
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    As long as you trade yourself it's rather a craft and not a business. Becomes a true business (in the sense of using others labor to generate profit) once you hire someone to trade for you. :)
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    I'll let you know in about 15 years when my children become young adults if my trading becomes a "family business".

    Until then, I can't imagine it being any different than any other "family operated business". Regardless, you can easily research Google about the good/bad or pitfalls of managing a family operated business.
  8. Sorry pepper,

    Was busy in the family office, lol.

    Yes second generation here. Manage personal , family funds, real estate, and small business. My children and sisters children are welcome when they come of age but no
    in- laws allowed.
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    Of the family members, how many would join the operating business and how many would join the asset management side?
  10. thats a great question; but unfortunately unanswerable. on one hand there is what i "want" and what will really happen. there are 6 children ranging from 15 to 5 and i have no idea what they really want to do. as the setup exists right now there is room for at best 4 , but 2 would be optimum. to collect rents and manage issues is not a full-time job (unless i add a few more properties), the small business (30 person) i prefer to wind it down as its a rough manufacturing business that i do not think this next generation would want. trading family funds can take a lot of time but fraught with easy mistakes that can materially effect it. so for now if i can transition a third generation (i'm 25 yrs on board so far) is in question.
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