Anyone Running Six or More Screens?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by flipflopper, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Please let me know what motherboard/video card combo you are using.

    I have tried the Nvidia quadro and the ATI 2600 Quad with my abit ip-35 pro motherboard and can't get it working.

    Please let me know what hardware you are using.
  2. kean


    2 Matrox quads for 8 years, not one problem. I know that Goldman uses Matrox
  3. ATI is in the GAMER card business... virtually no consideration for "multi-card, multi-monitor", workstation concerns.

    Trying to run multiple monitors from ATI cards is usually more hassle than it's worth.

    The champ in workstation mulit-monitor is Nvidia NVS. Matrox, though first, is now a secondary player. (Save your defense and rants fellas, I've done all three.. Nvidia is best.)
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    3x ATI PCI card for 30 USD, 6 monitors, no problem
  5. If you would have understood the complications of multi-card rigs, you would not have expected/hoped it to work. Not dissing... you just apparently presumed without knowing.
  6. lol!!!

    Very true!!

    I have been running 4 screens for a while now I guess I thought it wouldn't be too hard to step it up to 6!!!

    Anyways I still have the quadro. I boxed it up but haven't shipped it back yet.

    I'm going to scrap the Abit motherboard and go with something compatible with the quadro.

    Any suggestions on the motherboard?
  7. I looked into Matrox but couldn't find a quad that supports 1920x1200.

    I'm trying to run six 24 inch dells.

    Thanks for the suggestion though.
  8. What type and how many PCIE and PCI slots does your mobo have? You should be able to accommodate either 3, PCIE cards or 2 PCIE + 1 PCI to run 6 monitors...

    Abit mobo should be good if you just get the right cards...
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  10. Are you kidding???

    I have two PCIE slots.

    Are you telling me I can just buy an extra PCI vieo card and run six?!?!
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