Anyone running a C# based ATS hosted on AWS?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by fan27, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. fan27


    I am preparing to open source my logging/reporting setup which is basically a strategy logging - AWS CloudWatch - Lambda to Slack integration. Before I publish a blog article, I was hoping to write it up and have a few people try and implement it to make sure it is easy enough to follow. Let me know if you are interested.
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  2. traider


    running on aws python, haven't migrated C# yet. Interested to join and learn more advanced AWS
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  3. fan27


    Actually, as long as you can log structured events, you can take advantage of the AWS setup I have. The key is to get structured log events into CloudWatch. Will keep you posted.
  4. MarkBrown


    if you ever need i have colo space for rent cheap, i would dare say my facility is faster than any commercial facility because it's not shared and on a dedicated backbone. my ip addresses start at so yea.
  5. fan27


    Sounds interesting Mark! My strategies do not require ultra low latency but will keep you in mind if that changes.
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  6. MarkBrown


    i tried aws many years ago when it first started out at the time it had really poor support, sure that has changed as the years have gone by. just wondering what the typical rates are for a base service can you share that?

    ps never mind i see it's pretty convoluted and complicated.
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  7. fan27

    fan27 really depends on your hardware requirements. I am running an EC2 windows instance during market hours with a couple of gigs of ram at it is about $50 per month.
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  8. I have a dedicated instance on Linode 8GB RAM, 4CPU, 160GB storage for $60. Using Windows is expensive yo
  9. MarkBrown


    wonder how many instances these services will run on one machine? or they not sharing the cpu and ram?
  10. IAS_LLC


    Absolutely hate AWS. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to host my git repos in CodeCommit (before GitHub allowed free private repos). It works and is free, but the security protocols are nonsense.
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