Anyone reviewed this course?

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  1. Just got an email from Mitch King talking about his 'Wizard Training Course'. Anyone heard about it or better yet tried it?

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    There has not been a course yet to prove to elite traders that its worth investing a dime into. Didn't the head of optionetics blow his account out?

    Ask yourself, why were YOU contacted? If they are making money buy/selling options, why would they contact you to sell you something? The old, well we do it to make more money has been the latest reply.

    Ask to see statements, as for realtime trades with exits. Ask to follow them for a few weeks to see what they have been buying. If they refuse, well you just saved yourself some money.
  3. Assuming you are not a spammer (as most "gee, anyone hear about this course/website" are here on ET)...

    Why in the world would you have any interest in what a spammer sends you? 99-99.9% of these courses are trash. "SIR - We are a legitimate Nigerian corporation, looking for a westerner to accept large payments into their bank account, and keep 30%..."

    Why do you want to be the latest fatality?
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    This "course" is essentially a book done in dvd format. In that regard, if you get just one tidbit of info from it you can make your money back. It's not expensive at $129, there are plenty of books out there that cost more.

    Of course there are books that cost less as well. Just like trading, its never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket.

    So what you should do is this: decide if you really need education. If the answer is yes, decide on an education budget and then research different media.

    Buy a few, essentially dollar cost averaging yourself into different materials. Some will be good, some will be awful, so may just be OK.

    Take the best parts of each and put them to the test. Apply the techniques that test the best to the market and hopefully make money.

    Good luck.
  5. Better look again at the cost:

    "...This type of course is typically sold for $1000 to $2000 by other educators but we want this to be affordable to as many people as possible. We normally sell this at $745 but for a very limited time, we are offering this package for $497..."

    Mitch King is just another trading guru touting more useless crap.

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    clearly someone decided it makes more financial sense to SELL you this POS then actually implement it for themselves.

    Don't be a sucker and buy this crap!!

    What moron would really think there is value in this. have you seen all the money they made with this system? oh, they won't show you? LOL

    And if you do, send me $10,000 and I will teach you how to avoid scams.
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    Is this not the course???:confused: :confused:

    I just did a quick google of the thing, I have no knowledge of this course at all. my point was that just like the markets, when trying to learn one should diversify.

    maybe I saved ya a few bucks lol
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    You should learn the landscape around here – A few traders...., some trying to learn..., a lot of wannabes..., and many kooks/ gurus, shills

    Rabbitone is one of the few - make no mistake…

    He saved "you" money

    Now dump the damn crap

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    LOL I would never buy this crap, I was merely trying to help the OP out, but thanks for your concern.

    So are you saying that the traders here aren't very elite? thanks fo rthe heads up
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    We are only as good as our last trade - ever

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