anyone remember those vicious 3pm bounces?

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  1. PPT today?
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    You know I was thinking that as well, but its Friday so I dont think thats coming at 3pm. i do think the market found a direction though into the close and that direction is DOWN!
  3. That was a bull market.

    This is a bear market.
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  5. try again dart thrower
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    That bull market over the last year was actually a bear market! Without the trillions in stimulus and QE that BUBBLE ben bernanke put forth the markets would still be down near their 2009 lows!

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  8. Well, then, there is a silver lining. The 4th anniversary of the bear market is coming up. Which means a bull market is around the corner.

  9. I do remember the 3/9/09 rocket.

    I figured it would come fast and suddenly.

    I was buying at the end of 2/09 and all the way up to 3/6/09.

    Scary times.......... Market collapsing every day....

    But I went in with two balls.....

    Same thing happened in the previous bear market...

    Everyone was feeling sh*tty and down. Seemed like there was no end to bear market.

    Then, the market just took off in 3/2003....

    I was a total mook back then.... following the herd and the headline news.... whining and complaining.... missed the beginning of that bull market b/c I was so brainwashed by the gloom from the herd and the media.

    Decided recently not to listen to THE FED b/c I had gotten brainwashed by Bernanke.

    So, I don't listen to anybody or anything any more. They r all just chit-chats.. Entertainment... It's like watching Cramer....

    Do I sound mental?
  10. yes
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