Anyone recommend charting software for Linux?

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  1. Hello everyone -

    Have the following problem:

    Migrate to Linux and very happy with it, but can't find a charting software to use under it.

    So far I used IB TWS built-in charting, but it's abilites are quite limited plus some indicators (ADX for example) for some reason work wrong and show completely different picture than external charting software for Windows.

    Also use Prorealtime, but it doesn't have a sibscription to HKFE data (I trade HSI along with US futures).

    If someone could recommend quality charting software able to run under Linux (prolly java based or like that) and ideally has a subscription to HKFE data or able to use external data feed, I would appreciate it very much!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. i use FREEBSD on most of my pc's and servers, but had to migrate one back to winders justt for i found for a linux based machine was qstalker....

    but you can check out most of the finance/investment apps on the FREEBSD site....

    these will be ported for FREEBSD, but check out the main site link for each and there will be a LINUX tarball/sourcecode..
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    I was able to run QuoteTracker by using Wine on Ubuntu 7.04. It installed & ran ok but I couldn't get the IQFeed client to run under Wine. I didn't try to use IB as the datasource but it might just work.

    Meanwhile, still using WinXP & waiting patiently for a Linux RT charting option.
  4. Thanks a lot boot and tco!

    I have one more question bootstrap:

    What data sources does qstalker support among realtime datafeeds? I'm a daytrader and need intraday data.

    BTW I found a Debian packaged qstalker version.

    Also I'll try to load quotetracker and maybe sierra chart in Wine (tried to load Ninja but Wine doesn't support .NET applications).

    Will report my success/failure.
  5. Tried QT and Sierra under Wine. Sierra tries to load but can't be authorized, QT loads and connects to data source, but works bad (windows hang when moving them etc.).

    So still the only stuff I have is for US data... :(
  6. if you need intraday, qtstalker isn't going to is only EOD...the last development group that i heard looking at live intraday data was Merchant of Venice.., and i am pretty sure that the debian pkg is out there

    i haven't tried it, but used to know one of the developers. they were even looking at an interface with IB and released a version in 2005 that had basic intra-day capability.
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    Actually thinkorswim works just fine (and is supported). With wine you can quotetracker and amibroker.
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  9. Thanks Tintin, will check some of these...
  10. Today dedicated a Saturday to making charting run on Linux, with success. :)

    Installed the latest version of Wine and now QuoteTracker runs perfectly...

    Sierra doesn't work (login screen hangs on startup), but I don't care much, as long as at least QT runs OK.

    Tried to run Ninja, but it requires Mono to run .NET applications.

    Later will write about my experience with making Ninja to work.

    Thanks a lot to everyone who answered my questions!
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