anyone recommend a dualhead PCI/AGP card?

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    build my machine with AMD sempron 754 socket and ECS-755A2 MOBO, but just can't get my G200MMS quad card working with it, thinking about buy two dual head card , new machine has 1 AGP slot and 5 PCI slot, so 1AGP+1PCI or 2PCI will do it. I saw lots of card in having one VGA, one DVI, are they all dualhead? has lots of them too, just don't know which one to go.

    please recommend what you are using, reliability and compatibility is the most important fact.

  2. Nvidia NVS 280. Comes in PCI, AGP, PCI-E variants. Dual DVI/VGA. Low power, fanless and therefore quiet and potentially more reliable. The right type of 2D workstation card for charting. Cheap on eBay, but make sure you get the Y cable.
  3. I was curious why Sempron...Sorry to go off topic just trying to learn...

    Some salesman in my perusings (can't recall where, but it was one of those online sites that competed with Dell prices) told me Sempron might not be optimally good for trading and mathematical computations, compared to what's available

    But what do they know?..

    Michael B.
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    thanks, dcraig, do you know if Nvidia NVS 280 working with ECS-755A2 socket 754 MOBO, it just doesn't work with my G200MMS. very frustrated, don't even knw if I need RMA the MOBO or get a new card to try. what do you think?

    thanks for helping.

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    The max res of that card is 2048 x 1536, does that mean per monitor or total?

    I found OEMs only $49 here:
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    Michael, I heard that too after my endless trouble with my g200mms, this card works fine on my dell old machine, but I can't just get it work on my new build, someone questioned about sempron's compatiblity.......
  7. Can't say for sure about the G200MMS and your motherboard. Do you know what chipset it uses ?

    I have a couple of G200MMS (with TV tuner). I have never been able to get them fully working under Linux, although they are 'supported' (if you could call Matrox abysmal attention to Linux drivers support). I can get the first head working, but thats it. I have tried two machines both Socket A and VIA chipset - one KT266Pro and one KT880. I've also tried a commercial X server, and that has a similiar problem which makes me suspect the mbo chipset. All in all, a huge waste of time.

    On the other hand the NVS280 'just works' and is *much* faster than the G200. The only comparitive review I've seen rated the NVS280 as easily outperforming the G550.
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    the problem I got is I can only get one video port work, the first one, but I can only set resolution 640X480 for the rest ports, higher than that, blank screen with message read" frequency is out of range", do we have the same problem?

    the chipset is form SiS, north bridge is SiS 755, south bridge is SiS 964.

    I didn't see many NVS280 PCI, all are either AGP or PCIE, where to find PCI version of NVS280, can I set 1280X1024 for each of monitors?

    what about NVS200, I see some of that,

  9. Problem certainly sounds similiar. NVS280 can do 1280x1024 on both heads. I havn't used NVS200, but it will probably do the job. I think the Y cable may be different on NVS280/NVS200 but it's hard to find info on older cards on Nvidia web site.

    You might like to try the Matrox support forums for the G200 problem.
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