Anyone recently banned or put in manual execution?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by jm73, Apr 20, 2006.

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    Is there anyone who was banned or put in manual execution by any market makers due to trading style recently?

    I saw lots of complains about scalping related threads but I have noticed all those thereads are relatively old ones.

    Does that mean most of bucket shops now allow scalping?

    Anybody heard if anyone got in trouble with their Brokers?
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    About two months ago I was put on manual because I made about 8 trades on an employment report. Avg trade only lasted 2 minutes. Now, the stupid thing is that I wasn't 'scalping' or 'picking', I simply was indecisive. Regardless, that kind of activity looks questionable to them, so they put me on manual.

    I contacted them about it and they said that my trading needed to return to 'normal' or to what is was like in the past. They wouldn't tell me how long this would have to be for, but I waited about 3.5 weeks or a month, then contacted them again about it. They reviewed my trades and noticed that they were all just like they had been for months(with the exception of that one day where I was just trading like a dolt).

    They reversed the manual decision and put me back on automatic execution. Been like that ever since.
  3. lmao... bucket shops, good stuff
  4. Which broker was this?
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    I thought Refcofx is out of game now...
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    Accounts are still tradeable.
  8. Does it make sense to continue trading with RefcoFX, if you may never see the fruits of your labor?
  9. ror, can u take u new profits out[?]
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    Who is operating refcofx?
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