Anyone read this book?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Joryan, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. Joryan


    I keep getting this email to get this book with a 30 days guarantee : An Investor's Guide to Understanding and Mastering Options Trading: Generating Steady Profits of 100% in a 10% World by Bill Johnson.

    Looks good from the writeup. Anyone read it?
  2. ges

    ges's probably about worthless.

    Steady 100% profits. Yeah, right.

    This is like the great option guru Bernie Schaeffer. He touts all these 100% winning option trades, but it you look at his complete track record it's abysmal!

    I signed up for one of his services and started making trades, THEN I asked for a track record. Obviously should have done that first, but you live and learn. The salesman sent me two quarters worth of track record and it was shockingly bad...horrible. But Bernie goes on touting his 100% winners. BIG DEAL. You can have all the 100% winners you want, but if you have a shtload of losers, you still go bankrupt.

  3. birddog


    The book is worthless. Read Mcmillan , yates, natenberg.
  4. what kind of person who is busy raking in steady 100% returns has time to write a book and reveal his strategy to the world.. let me guess, he's a philanthropist, traveling the world, doing good to all mankind, yada yada yada..

  5. The answer is not in a book ...
  6. xianokie


    If you gotta ask you know the answer.