Anyone read the Economist??

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  1. Just wondering if it would help an econ newbie learn some kewl shit...

  2. Yes that British rag with no names of editor and correspondent/writer has some good stuff on economics, if you can withstand their snooty attitude.
  3. yes, its a decent rag, if you can deal with the attitude.

    surfer :)
  4. The economist is an excellent magazine,, but more for news instead of economics. Have you ever read Barrons? It has lots more numbers than the economist. Price of commodities etc..Best regards
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    Yes it will Bung. Very topical as well. Really not as high-brow as it appears. An easy read.
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    It sort of called the bull market in tech stocks in 95 or so or whenever it started. When I was working as a lawyer. I read a long article about sun microsystems and silicon valley in the economist. Within two weeks all the other mags had similiar articles and I then tech stocks exploded. Back then the economist seemed to lead the other mags on issues by about 2 weeks. I do not know if still holds true.

    I also know two people who listened to me when I told them what I had read. One of em was my friend a stock broker. He had no personal money, like me at the time, but his clients did well after his economist picks and he did win the office stock picking competition for new golf glubs. The other person who listed to me (the economist) turned 800 in 3.5 million and then turned it into 1.5 and bouncing around as we speak.
  7. I remember when they FLAT OUT called the bottom of CRUDE prices back in 1999 when they issued a front cover story on collapsing crude prices, with the query, "$10.00 OIL???"

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    The econmist did not think sterling would be ejected and from the erm in 1992 and devalue when even the tabloids called it.
  9. Best part about Economist is sometimes it goes on a total tangent. I remember some years back they had a article arguing that the ticket price on airplane for kids should be higher than adults and they should have separate class. They had this elaborate nuisance economics theory to back the logic.
    In response a 8 year kid wrote back, " Next time pick some one of your age and weight to pick on"
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    Edit - forget the Economist and just buy the Financial Times
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