Anyone read Neiderhoffer . .

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  1. Education of a Speculator?
  2. yes.

    one of the best books ever written on the markets.

  3. I enjoyed it more than Liar's Poker.
  4. yes: Yawn
  5. Agree.
  6. The market always punishes hubris. This book was published in January 1997 when by his own measure he was on top of the world. Guess what in October 1997 he was wiped out.
    The book is 80% hubris and 20% good ideas.
  7. The book is rambling shit.
  8. Please explain.
  9. With (250) posts in 6 months, I guess you'd know rambling shit when you came upon it. Ditto for whiskey

    As for one-liners, Johnny, Victor had a few. No, not rocket science, but nevertheless concepts apparently often not mastered.

    Prey is invisible until it moves.

    Iron ass, the ability to sit tight and not bet.

    The most dangerous time is when you're ahead.

    The amateur lets greed or fear change the size of his plays.

    Info that seems fresh is often stale.

    Boasting is a sure giveaway to insecurity

    Trapping, the offer of a false gift to get the prey vulnerable

    Advice FROM someone holding a large block is always suspect.

    Deception is always just below the surface.
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    Yes , i think its just a baloney.
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