Anyone read any of these books?

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    I found the following books laying around my house:

    One up on Wallstreet- Peter Lynch

    If it's raining in Brazil, Buy Starbucks- Peter Navarro

    The Warren Buffett Way- Robert G. Hagstrom

    Multiple Streams of Income- Robert G Allen

    5 Rules for Successful Stock Investing- Pat Dorsey

    Stock Market Wizards- Jack Schwager

    Bull's Eye Investing- John Mauldin

    New Market Wizards- Jack Schwager

    Are any of these really good reads? I'm 20 years old and just trying to learn market basics. I read on here pretty regularly, but have trouble understanding some of the topics that are discussed on the forums. I've read all of the Newbie FAQ too, and paid for my coffee and sandwiches. Thanks for the help.
  2. Devil Take The Hindmost - a history of speculation
  3. I have read three of them. Didn't help me.

    Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Edwards and Magee is a better read. Order it from your library.
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    5 Rules for Successful Stock Investing is a very good introductory book on valuing a stock.
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  6. The "market wizards" books are interesting.
  7. Read all of those books and then find some more to read. Alexander Elder's "Trading for a Living" is a great read also.
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    If I had the time I would, but I'm a student before a stock trader.
  9. New market wizards is probably the best, and peter lynch's book is good. the rest i wouldn't bother with unless you just want to be entertained.

    Check out some good websites and you will learn a thing or two-