Anyone profiting from larger NYSE spreads (besides TMBR)?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bungrider, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. Just curious if anyone has been using ECNs on the larger cap listed stocks, since the specialists have been squeezing us a little more (since October), ESPECIALLY on these light volume days.

    With this chop, it seems to me like market making (and providing liquidity) with the larger spreads may be a more viable option.

    I've thought about doing this with ISLD or INCA, for example cutting a 0.10 spread to 0.08 by posting inside bids and offers, but this seems like a lot of work and I am lazy.

    It seems to me that the former liquidity adders from the old nasdaq might have an interesting new game here, and I for one wouldn't mind some arbitrageurs stepping in to narrow the spreads.