Anyone pray to god when they trade?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by crazytrader1, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. I do it all the time, in fact whenever i lose a trade i say FUCK SATAN, YOU FUCKING ASSFUCK. WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BETRAY GOD YOU COCK SUCKING FUCK.

    God wants me to win, i know he does, so i pray before every trade, and i know he won't let me down. In fact I base most of my trades on god helping me.

    You atheists are totally lost in this market, i think that's why most traders lose money, because they are atheist losers. God loves me and he will never allow bad things to happen to me.
  2. I find it sad that you use both the name of the creator and offensive language is the same sentence.
  3. I worship my two cats, in fact they DO HELP a lot. when I should exit any position they cough up fur balls, so I know it is time. BTW with any divine creature there is no need to pray as IT SHOULD already know what you need (like my cats)....
  4. That is so funny. I think at one time or another, probably alot of people have considered this an edge.
  5. mxjones


    I think we will read about you walking into a McDonald's or a Post Office and killing a bunch of people one day in the future.

    But I pray God will stop you.

  6. I think you are only saying this to get a rise out of people, but hey I'll bite. I trade futures. If I pray to win, that means im praying for someone else to lose. Hmmm. What good people we are.
  7. hughb


    Don't blame satan. Maybe god just likes the guy on the other side of your trade more than he likes you.
  8. ======================
    Yes well that's not necessarly a problem;
    the exchanges usually win, no matter who wins ,
    & the person on the other side of the trade may not pray.

    Let me get back to the underlying cash.........................
  9. I try to begin my day with this as much as I can ....

    don williams ... i hope this day is good

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  10. dave74


    It's sad that none of the responders realize that the OP is actually a non-christian making fun of Christians.

    Of course, there is the small chance that he is a Christian, albeit a messed up one.
    #10     Nov 16, 2008