Anyone play Wellcare(wcg) since the raid?

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  1. Anybody have an opinion on whether WCG will continue this beautiful gradual recovery through the end of the year?
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    there's a second shoe waiting to be dropped...these scandals never end nicely and the fact taht this stock has doubled from its low already before anything has been resolved is extremely scaaaaary.Total bubble.May be good for daytrade-short...Hold overnight?Not on your life.
  3. I've worked in the medical field for the past 15 years and think they're just being made an example of by the FEDs. I may be wrong, but believe that the medicaid plans they run have smaller margins than lucrative commericial health insurance plans and that if the FEDS were to shut them down there aren't many other insurance companies dying to pounce on that low margin business. Thus I think there's a 1% chance they would be shut down. They make get broken by all the attorney's fees.

    Where I WAS WRONG was buying to early in the steep descent thinking that there would be a quick breaking news announcement in the first 48 hours explaning what the investigation was really about.
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    I bought WCG recently at 35. Sold put options when it was in the 20's for what turned out to be easy money. The business looks good, and the drop in price was too steep IMO. Apparently, others agree. Buy when there's blood in the street...
  5. I hear stoney made a killing. Given here first of course.
  6. See ya. Freefalling.

    Fat finger???
  7. news leaks out before the masses know it..........huh
  8. anyone know how it can be "halted" when the prints are still going off?
  9. Halted for an imbalance on the NYSE...ECN's can still trade.
  10. thanks there wasn't a big bolus of sell orders from the reopen on the NYSE???
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