Anyone play china stocks today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. silk


    Been along time since i've seen a reversal like this. I took 4+ points off of NTES and bagged a buck in CHINA. Long live the people's republic of china.

    I think i will celebrate with some cheap women and some Chinese takeout for dinner.

  2. LONG the CNY
    PUT for USD:CNY

    It's bound to happen and when it does, major bucks will be made.
    They'll have to revalue someday, no doubt.
  3. Gold Stocks were monsters today as well. Must have been a dozen gold stocks taking out 52 week highs today even though the shiny stuff still sits near 350. Heard "Gold" Rangold got killed late in the day because they were short or hedged or something like that, not sure exactly.

    It sure got killed last half hour though.
  4. So are the nasdaq stocks the secret to your rumored large comeback this year?
  5. I hear Wedgwood is a good bet. A large stock of it can be picked up at the Factory Outlet Mall here in Vegas.

  6. You bet. The volatility there was amazing. Jumping around 10-30 cents in a second. Some good trends as well.
  7. You're a braver man than I am...

    Maybe China followed Japan?
  8. Well done, Silk. Have you been playing them every day recently?
  9. These stocks are crazy. They move a point in a five minute bar.