Anyone paying less than $3.95 for CDN equity trading

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by apo99, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. apo99


    Hey guys,

    Anyone paying less than $3.95 per trade on Canadian equities by a Canadian Broker?

  2. Metamega


    Only ones I can think of is Interactive Brokers Canada. Probably best bet.

    Questrade can get down to a penny a share or 4.95 flat if you subscribe to their advance data packages. Their like 80$ a month but their reimbursed if you generate enough commissions. It’s quite high though so IB still leading there.

    And think I noticed Disnat Direct(desjardin) can get down to 1.00 flat I believe I’d you meet a certain theshhold of monthly or maybe it was quarterly trades. Believe it was 1.00$ flat I saw on their page. Have to dig around a bit.
  3. apo99


    Thanks metamega,

    I will take a look, as of right now i do 10-14k trades a year
  4. otctrade


    National Bank Discount brokerage offers low rates if you do certain number of trades per quarter.