Anyone own a new Mini?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by riskarb, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Niece is turning 16 this week and we're thinking about getting her a Mini. Opinions of the car?
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    Riskarb, is it really necessary to spoil her this much? LOL. Damn kids today have everything.

    I think it's a cool car however I would have safety concerns. How well does that car hold up in a wreck? At 16, she will have the greatest probability of being in an accident and I would be worried about how well that car would hold up.
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    drove one around london in one for about a week shortly after they came out. absolutely loved it, it's a wonderful non-family city car. not that it doesn't do just fine in suburbia or highways, but it's damn-near perfect for the city.

    only reason we don't have one because we knew there were a couple of carseats in our future. :)
  4. My "niece" insisted on the Jag XK8. But I must say she looks good in it. ; )
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    How old is your niece and can I have her phone number? LOL.
  6. Yeah, that's true... But she's a hard-working kid at school; track, NHS, and the more responsible than most adults. She's saved $10k towards it, so we'd be funding the remaining half.

    Good point w.r.t. safety, have to check the stats on that, the thing is a toy.
  8. Thanks Damir -- I guess I'll take a look at the dealer. Amazing amount of room, but it comes at the expense of a trunk.
    I agree, seems like a perfect city car.
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    we just bought a mazda 3 hatchback, its a pretty cool car too. A little less money then a mini.
  10. The website has a longterm evaluation of the mini.

    ps. How does a kid save 10 large? I can remember when that was real money.
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