Anyone own a Canon S5?

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  1. They seem to have consistently good reviews, was thinking of getting one.

    Anyone own one, happy with it?
    I'm sorta wondering if its too-much camera, bulk wise, seems well specced though.

    I think this years model would be the same/similiar.,239036187,339278608-5,00.htm

    The other top of the list so far is the canon SX100, more compact, probably more usable, but sucky video/zoom function (probably not that important) and seems weird not having a viewfinder. But, you never have to mess around with a lens cap either.

    Any ideas?
  2. Yeah, i know what your thinking, wait six months , and probably get a better specced model for less i know. But how long?

    I'm just over SLR's, and have never had a digital camera.

    Had a pentax z-10, (actual film) sure, basic model, i took some great shots with it.....but, it shitted me up the wall with beeping, "cant focus " spasms and generally being ridiculous to carry around. I lost so many shots, from it being sooo slow, that Im looking for a new toy.

    And that was on "manual focus" mode, i know from experience, taking more shots increases the odds of a winner, cant do it with a 35mm these days.
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    The Pentax K20 is getting very good reviews.... I have a Nikon and it took me forever to get used to all the menus and foibles of menus and buttons. One day I realized that it was complex not because it was digital but because it was a Japanese consumer's dream. My dream is different, I want something that is simple and to the point. I'm thinking they designed that Pentax for non Japanese consumers maybe, the reviewers mention ease of use a lot

  4. Hm, maybe-if i was in the market for a dSLR, those look the goods.
    I particularly like , how of all the manufacturers selling these quite expensive toys, pentax seem the only lot who thought making them shower/weather resistant was a good idea!
    Thumbs up, pentax.

    But, i just dont fancy the bulk/inconvenience of slr's, for my needs.
    The S5 is is still the front runner it seems, just more versatile than many competitors, the nikon P80 looks ok-very compact-but messing with rechargables rather than ubiquitous AA's doesn't appeal to me.

    Strange market segment, still trying to define the worth/direction of hybrid style cameras i guess.
  5. Yeah, these things are crazy.

    I remember school foto class, used an ancient leica slr, (probably early 70's) you had the lens, with whatever setting/rings there, and two other things-the shoot button, and the thumb wind.
    That was it, and it took great shots if you knew what the hell you were doing.
    The darkroom thing was always a mystery, but compare-

    Then, you needed a good slr, a handful of lenses, filters and flashes, tripod, AND a darkroom, top quality paper and film etc to get serious quality.
    And likely, a five year photography course/degree to really do the goods, certainly with colour film.
    How much? Not much change from 3-6+ grand at the time.
    Plus, you would waste most of your development cost on crappy shots that didn't work out in the darkroom.

    Now-you need a quality dSLR, a handful of lenses, accessories, chargers, a top line printer, uber quality paper, a good PC, AND the geek knowledge to run all the stuff, and use the editing software to get the most from your setup, as well as mastering the squillion plus menu options on the camera itself.
    Not much change from 3-6+ grand, for a serious/pro photographer.

    Precisely why, i want a P&S digicam, not best of both worlds, but some semblance of shot quality, with versatile functions.

    I doubt, anyone will get around to making a 'retro" model, with a thumb wind, and a real sound of winding film, but it would be cool if they did.
  6. What, nobody owns a digicam happy snap, with extra bits, that they like?
  7. Just got myself a point and shoot camera and loving it.

    I'm a complete idiot when it comes to cameras so take my advice with a pinch of salt but in my view the convenience of a small compact camera is likely to far outweigh the quality issues for most people. What's the point of having a full featured camera if all the moments pass you by while you are tinkering with it? The ability to preview, discard, and choose to retake pictures on a digital camera alone is more important to me. So is not being limited by the amount of film. With a mere 2 GB SD card I have 800+ shots at my disposal which I can even delete and make room for more shots. Sure beats film!

  8. Yeah, i want something that i can muck around with (photographically) if i want, but basically "get" a shot quickly , and, if i happen to see a ufo , zap a quick movie.

    Maybe i will pick up a panasonic lumix FZ8, looks like their being discontinued, so quite cheap, and seem to have a better than average rep-i know i will probably regret getting something with a lens cap, but the FZ8 looks really cool:)

    What camera did you get?