Anyone own a BMW M5?

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  1. Whats it like, is it a fun drive? I have been driving my 1998 Toyota corolla since I bought it, I plan on buying the M5 in a few months.

    I wonder what trade in value I can get for the old 98 corolla and how does the M5 compare in terms of acceleration and maneuvering. Is it pretty easy
  2. The M5 is a little slower than the Corolla but will corner slightly better. If your Corolla is lowered and has a spoiler on the trunk, it's no contest - the M5 doesn't stand a chance.
  3. :D

    What about the sidepipes? Don't forget the sidepipes!
  4. what lottery did you win?

    pay cash, it will drive all the better
  5. Make sure you know how to manual stick shift.
  6. I finished paying my 15 year house loan 2 years ago and been driving the same car since 98.

    I figure I finance it in 3 years, 0.9% Financing. I want to get the SMG transmission (no clutch)

    The M button sounds fun though. I would like something nice to enjoy.

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    how about a M3? the new ones look so nice, and handle great if you don't mind the manual stick shift...they are pure fun to drive!
    plus the improved interior is simply beautiful :)
    I never drove a M5, so I can't compare, but besides the size I wouldn't think they are very different?
  8. Are you kidding?? My M5 will smoke any corolla and that was before the Dinan S3 package ;]
  9. SMG rocks. The "M" button is really the Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde button. Non M is docile and lumbers along like an older 7 series - perfect for driving around the wife and in-laws. M turns into a gas sucking (really) super car monster. You're heart will be pounding if you drive it like it was meant to be driven. Go ahead - treat yourself. Keep in mind the cost of ownership is on the high side.
  10. Not kidding. That Corolla is no joke. With a cold air intake and electric supercharger, it is scary fast - if you're not careful, you could end up going the speed limit.
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