Anyone out there think 5% realtor fee is way too high?

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  1. Seriously why do realtors get 5 % commission. They do not do much to sell the house. Throw up an add on the computer and show it to a few people... hilarious. How much money was spent on the realtors fees during the housing bubble.. such a crock.. the fees should be more in line with funds.. .8-1.2 percent max..
    Seriously.. why is it that the "biggest" asset you will ever buy has the biggest fees?

    anyone else want to rant about this?
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    Insurance agents are worse. Many of these assholes make over six-figures when their secretaries do all the work. Meanwhile, I'm paying a premium for liability insurance on a POS econobox even though I have good credit and a clean driving record.

    Get rid of the agents and decrease the price. I'd rather just go directly to the insurance company. Why do I need an agent?
  3. not to stick up for realtors but they have some big expenses. ever try to buy a full page add in the local newspaper?

    isnt the american way to compete? if you see a business that you feel is overcharging and getting rich what is stopping you from going into business against them and undercut their price?
  4. 6% is standard. Some charge up to 10. Depends how fast you want to sell. Go with cut rate if you font care how long it takes. You get what u pay for
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    BTW, the realtor doesn't get 5%. Most of that money goes to the broker. The agent makes much less.
  6. you dont need an agent.
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    Agent or no agent, the price is the same. I just can't figure out what an insurance agent actually does.
  8. Geico

    but price is same with or without agent as price is discounted for agent.
  9. well red fin is a start but you ARE REALLY ONLY SAVING 1.5 % . my point is that it should be 1.2 % total in all fees..
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