Anyone on the west side in LA?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by fatrat, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. fatrat


    I'm in Westwood/Century city. Trading from home. Just wondering if there are any other NYSE scalpers in the area.

    I'm a low volume, profitable trader. No glamour here, but enjoying every second of trading.
  2. im trading out of Santa Monica. How goes the life on that end of the 405?
  3. Verdais


    A valley rat may not be welcome in this thread, but I'm in Van Nuys. Please refer to it as Sherman Oaks adjacent.

    What do you guys think of the LA housing market right now... I'm getting twitchy and thinking about dumping? Not trying to change the thread just trying to get a local feel.

    Also, are there any decent prop houses out here? There just doesn't seem to much trader infrastructure in LA. Who you guys all use?
  4. fatrat


    I'm with Genesis, remote. I started off with Assent over in West LA for a prop shop, but they got snippy with me when I requested commissions as nice as Genesis. They had me at .008, if you can believe that. I'd have been better of trading with Interactive Brokers from home at those rates.

    I think our housing market is more stable than some, but I'm planning on selling my home this summer and relocating somewhere cheaper. However, I don't think the LA market is going to collapse because, well, we just plain ran out of places to build here.
  5. fatrat


    Not too terrible. Trying to make some connections with some traders in the area to discuss trading, of course. What do you trade?
  6. NYSE listed. AOL instant message me at jimeatwrld.
  7. wdscott


    Encino, Ca
  8. Bakersfield, CA here. Kinda far off from you guys. Anyone in my area?
  9. bighog

    bighog Guest

    I am not living in California but love it out there. Carmel is wonderful place. Great scenery, Ocean, Class Ladies, just a neat spot to go have a outdoor lunch and people watch.....:cool: :cool: :cool:
  10. Orange County born and raised

    Currently attending Chapman Univerisity (orange, ca)

    20 yrs old

    tradin' for 4 years....way undercapitalized...sux, trading a friend's account till i figure out a way to get enough of my own funds
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