Anyone on ET use X-trader Pro for $1250?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Nana Trader, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Those of you who eyeballing X-trader threads everyday, should know that X-trader is not your father platform.

    Unfortunately X-trader standard $550 doesn't come with AutoTrader for automation capabilities, You have to place your orders manually only, I feel paying $550/month with no order automation feature just for sake of speed (manual clicks) isn't much advantageous

    Imagine how many emini contracts you need to trade for X-trader Pro $1250? You need to trade 8-10 contracts at a time at least

    All i want to know is if anyone here in ET using X-trader Pro for automation reason, and how many simultaneous (another $250 each) market you get free?
  2. Nana, i have a client who is going to use
    my total system to trade eminis through PRO. we are now writing the code to get
    TS8 to send orders to Xtrader pro though
    excel. i will keep you updated on the progress and iff he likes it.
  3. Afaik X-trader is used for it's quotes and excution speed, whilest TS don't accept data coming from other source through excel into it, won't this makes signals come late for excution to X-trader?

    And what you do to match quotes in X-trader and TS, and how you send signals for excution to X-trader, never heard of any readymade universal Api able to do that? Can X-trader standard version serve this purpose with tradestation

    Also what he pays for monthly x-trader pro? I remember IB said going to offer X-trader near Future and give access to all market never heard anything since then?
  4. xtrader pro has an addin that has an
    open port to its excel spreadsheet so
    as soon as the price is imported from
    ts8 to excel for example "buy 1280.00"
    xtrader immediately grabs and sends.
    and its very simple to get the TS8 "buy 1280" into exell by creating a dll.
    How fast will it be? we don't know yet
    but we will be very critical of the end results as we have alot of trading money
    behind this trading project.
  5. I use X-Trader Pro. You don't pay any additional amount for any exchanges once you have Pro. It will also give you access to the API as well as the Autospreader.

    The advantage of X-Trader is not just the speed of execution. The stability, risk management and support are also the best in the business.

    As far as how many contracts you need to trade to justify the cost, I think it completely depends on what your commission/cost structure is and what you need in a platform. For example, if someone is paying 30 cents per turn in the YM all-in, then will using Pro not be justified? I guess I'm not clear on that part of your message. Excel is not the best way to implement a system in X-Trader due to Excel's slowness and instability under certain conditions.